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Eckhaus Fleet 

eRentalFleet VIN Upload:
1. Puts your vehicles on the road sooner
2. Reduces data errors
3. Improves your fleet management

Contact us to see if we can help improve your fleet management. We can show you how the use of Repurchase vehicles can open new markets and improve seasonality. Eckhaus Fleet wants to be your fleet company and supplies its customers with support and service above and beyond the rest of the industry.

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Eckhaus Fleet works with AFC to provide financing for our customers. AFC provides a Rental Floor Plan Program geared specifically for Daily Rental Car Operations in the automotive industry. The fee, interest and term structure is designed to reflect the nature of the rental industry with extended terms to pay off your inventory.

Fleet Software

While there are several excellent rental software manufacturers, we have been working with Bluebird to provide additional functionality to manage your most expensive asset, your fleet!  

In light of this goal, our partnership eRentalFleet developed the eRentalFleet VIN Upload specification.  Bluebird has announced support of this standard.

Corporate Fleet

Available anywhere in the United States! 
Eckhaus Fleet represents several manufacturers to the corporate and government fleet market. Let us do the work for you. Place your order and simply wait for the cars to arrive. We make it easy for you.

Used Cars

Available anywhere in the United States

All are previous daily rentals

Eckhaus Fleet has a network of over 200 wholesalers, thousands of rental companies, and car dealers who are buying and selling cars every day.  We put this network to work for you.

If you need cars, we can purchase for you, current and one year old program cars at a location close to you. We have access, through our dealership group, to all factory auctions. We also purchase in bulk from most manufacturer’s fleet remarketing departments. Take advantage of our purchasing power. Let us do the work for you. Place your order and simply wait for the cars to arrive. We make it easy for you.

If you need to sell cars, we can connect you with our network of active buyers. Let us do the work for you. We find the customers, handle the funding and even get the cars moved. We make it easy for you.

Insurance Claims

​If you handle your own claims or use other claims management companies.....

now there is an alternative!

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